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Current Planning Documents

Organizational Effectiveness Cycle


Library programs and services are organized  around three overarching programs:

  • Knowledge – Advance Access to and Enable the Development of Knowledge.
    Provide a sustainable service for knowledge access, creation, and management; serve as a national leader for innovation in emerging modes of scholarly content development, management and delivery.
  • Learning – Advance the Development of Information Literacy as a Skill for Life-Long Learning.
    Deliver services that promote active engagement with scholarly resources, advance research, and the acquisition of information literacy skills; serve as a model for the integration of the curriculum and information fluency.
  • Discourse – Sustain and Nurture a Community of Learners through Support of Positive Discourse.
    Serve as an agent and place for advancing positive discourse; promote knowledge and learning as a core societal asset; demonstrate the use of open access to information as a key attribute of global citizenship in a democratic society; serve as a model for expanding interaction between the university and the broader community at large.